nicole (cole_a_cola) wrote in kerrysolidarity,

He's still got our backs

John Kerry is really impressing the hell out of me. He was fabulous during the election, but since his defeat he has become amazing. He has a resilance and a passion that inspires me to act. He has risen from his defeat like a true champ. Unlike Gore, he did not merely slip away into political ambiguity, he is still here- front and center. On November 11th I wrote: " John Kerry is my president, regarless of the outcome of the election. It's weird to have been seeing him constantly for nearly a year, and now he's gone. He said he hasn't left us, and he has our backs, but how?" I now know how by reaching out to his millions of followers more than once a week through mass emails, through demanding healthcare for 11 million uninsured children, but demanding the resignation of Donald Rumsfield, and by holding Condi Rice accountable, and it's only been three months since he lost the election. Wow. Three months... I cannot believe it have been three whole months since my entire life changed. So I guess this is my ode to John Kerry. He's a great man. I hope that one day I can be half the politican that he is, but maybe I'll win :) haha. I don't view this has holding onto the past, I'm living in the present. John Kerry emcompasses all of my values, and beliefs, and I am proud to have a man like him contuine to fight for me.
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