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After nearly a year of campaigning, writing speeches, and formulating a plan to take down Bush and thusly making our lives better, John Kerry still deserves your support. This community is for all those who were touched by his race for the highest office in the land and still support his efforts against Bush. Together we stay strong and keep our Kerry gear on to show that, no, we did not vote for Armageddon, but instead for a world which we would be proud to give to the future inhabitants of this earth. We still wear our buttons, we still have our bumper stickers, and there still is a Kerry/Edwards sign in our yard.

We had the dream and it is not a fleeting vision for us, doomed to be forgotten by those of lesser convictions. This community follows John Kerry’s continued senate career and supports him for president in 2008 or which ever year he decides to run again, and the voter fraud and irregularity stories. John Kerry was and is more than “not Bush”, he gave us the greatest gift: hope. Without hope, all is lost.

Join us in this fight for a better America and a better world.

I encourage postings of yourself with your Kerry gear; be it buttons, stickers, or yard signs; show your continued support of that dream.

Other than, (this shouldn't be a surprise),no kerry or liberal bashing, there are no rules. Nothing is off topic. Talk about anything because politics touch every aspect of our lives whether we realize it or not.

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